Tuesday 26 June 2018

Five Flexibility Posts To Read

Flexibility is the ability for muscle to lengthen under tension and isn't a term that is synonymous with "mobility". Mobility, in fact, is the range of motion available to a joint one you factor in flexibility, strength, joint shape and structure, neural mechanisms, and more.

With that being cleared up, here are five recent posts of mine on stretching, flexibility, and mobility. For those health and body-conscious individuals or for performance-oriented athletes and coaches, these are must reads!

Is There A Case Against Stretching?
Taking a look at the up-to-date research as the literature begins to finally reexamine static stretching after years of universal acceptance.

Fascia: Not Your Enemy
Fascia has become demonized as the end-all culprit for pain and dysfunction, but is this fair?

Flexibility Is Driven By The Nervous System
A look at exactly how flexibility works, down to the neuromuscular level.

Flexibility Isn't Always (Or Often) The Solution
After understanding how flexibility works, let's consider whether or not it's the true issue that needs to be addressed when pain or dysfunction are apparent,

Why Do Muscles Get Tight?
The "tight" feeling of muscles; what is it and why do we feel it even when not restricted in range of motion?


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