Tuesday 2 October 2018

Mental Illness Awareness Week - Blog Posts To Read

We're mid-way through the Canadian Mental Illness Awareness Week. I'm a big advocate for mental health and try to constantly remind others as well as myself to remain mindful of these hidden diseases and the way that they might be affecting a person's life.

As an Athletic Therapist, it's not my place to treat mental illness, but it is my job to recognize when it's present and how it might be affecting a client's physical health and recovery. Here are a few posts from this past year regarding how an individual's psychology may be altering someone's pain.

Exercise And Why You Aren't Lazy

Many people assume the "Just Do It" approach to exercise and berate others as "lazy" should they not be following through with an active lifestyle or rehab plan. As one psychologist broke down, though, an inability to adhere to change may be a result of anxiety.

Guilt And Recovery

As an Athletic Therapist, with a lot of focus on exercise and lifestyle for the purpose of rehab, it stands to reason that I encounter clients who may have difficulty adhering to behaviour changes I attempt to help them make. It's important for clients to know, however, that they do not need to feel guilt or shame, as these emotions might derail our progress even further!

The Stressful Effect Of Stress On Pain

We've known, for a long time, the biological effects that the stress-response can have on our bodies. It stands to reason that the chemical and hormone mechanisms at play during high-stress periods can have an effect on the pain that we feel.

When Loved Ones Are In Chronic Pain

When you have a parent, child, partner, or friend living in a great deal of pain, the situation quickly transcends a purely physical one. The individual in pain can experience a complete 360-turn in their lives, and so it's important to know, as their loved one, what to consider as they go through and try to manage the way they feel.


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