Tuesday 19 March 2019

Why Your Hip Flexors Are So Tight

That tight feeling at the front of your hip. That pinch in your joint. Maybe even lower back pain to top it all off.

We have a high volume of clients who come to see us for conditions related to their hip flexors. Whether they've identified that muscle group specifically or they simply complain with generalized discomfort at the front of their hip, this is a very common affliction in both high- and low-activity individuals. From hockey players to desk workers, many of you readers may very well have been there.

Which brings us to the common solution for tight muscles: stretching! And believe me, every hip flexor client of ours has clocked several hours trying to stretch their discomfort away. 

But has that worked for anyone out there, yet?

As we know, muscles get tight for a reason other than simply being overused. More often, a muscle is tight because it's weak, creating an interesting case against static stretching as a fix.

With that being said, we see terrific results for hip flexor discomfort as soon as we begin strengthening those hip flexor muscles (combined with some modest manual treatment). Exercises as simple as high-knee raises have shown great effect.

It sometimes takes some work to identify the hip flexors as a culprit, and oftentimes more work to target the muscle group over other helpers, but once we find the right route, it creates a sure pathway to relieving that nagging discomfort.


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