Tuesday 17 September 2019

Can You Treat A Labral Tear?

Labral tears of the hip or shoulder are generally regarded as very detrimental injuries. A result of significant trauma to the joint, such as from a car accident or sport impact, these tears to the joint cartilage are considered to be structurally limiting and requiring surgery in nearly all cases.

With that being said, many people tend to assume that there is little to be done in terms of rehab before (or unless) the operation has been done.

It's good to point out, however, how often labral tears are completely asymptomatic in individuals. For perspective, one study found 43% of tested subjects without symptoms to have a labral tear in their hips while another recorded that rate as high as 69%! As far as the shoulder goes, we found results of up to 72%.

So what does that imply?

It means that, while conservative therapy can't repair a torn labrum, that there is a possibility of relieving the symptoms as if it they weren't there. After all, look at those numbers of people walking with damaged labrums and had no idea!

Manual therapies such as massage in combination with active rehab and exercise can recondition the joint, in many cases, to perform its functions with minimal or no discomfort. True, other cases will certainly require surgery, but it goes to show that it's well-worth exploring the conservative options first.


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