Tuesday 11 December 2018

4 Explanations For Common Pain Conditions

Nearing the end of 2018, I've compiled a short list of go-to explanations and busted myths about some of the most common pain conditions that walk in my door. These can hopefully summarize many of the questions that individuals have about their afflictions.

Back Pain

May as well start with the most common! Back pain clients will often have no specific diagnosis and generalized symptoms. It can be a hard thing to wrap one's head around, so here are three major points that I educate my clients with.


A LOT of misconceptions revolve around the reasons for the development of osteoarthritis and the most effective ways to treat it. Does too much activity really deserve the blame? Does movement help or hurt more after diagnosis? Is surgery always necessary?

Shin Splints

"Shin splints" tends to be used as a catch-all term for any shin pain, from muscular tears to stress fractures. However, in true cases of medial tibial stress syndrome, there is a mechanism occurring right down to the level of the bone structure itself. And yes, muscular conditioning will still help or hinder the situation.


Another heavily-misunderstood condition. What is physically occurring within the tissue during a tendinopathy? And hat are the best ways to treat it?


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