Tuesday 6 August 2019

Learning To Move

It's the understanding that your therapist is going to be the expert in teaching you how to exercise.

But there's a step further that's vital when recovering from an injury.

After you learn how to exercise, you must learn how to move.

We wrote before on how exercises in the gym tend to not practically mimic our day-to-day movement habits.

It's one thing to know how to deadlift weight. But it's also necessary to learn how to drop form and allow the body to comfortably and naturally move outside of an exercise setting.

For instance, it's common at our clinic to have to teach even very fit and strong individuals how to comfortably round their spines.

The answer is, "No".
This hesitancy (and sometimes inability) for even healthy individuals to be unable to attain these textbook-IMperfect positions doesn't boil down to either a strength or a flexibility deficit. It's simply a trained response that we've taught our bodies.

Oftentimes, a conditioned fear of movement develops, whether it's appropriate or not. It's regardless of whether we teach it to ourselves or it's a doctor or fitness professional that instilled it; telling the brain that rounding the spine, lifting overhead, or jumping is going to be harmful enough times will result in your body having a poor reaction when those movements are attempted. And it doesn't matter if the raw strength or flexibility to perform those actions is present or not.

So while we therapists are the experts in how to exercise, the right one will also be the expert in how to move. It goes beyond strengthening and stretching muscles; it's about teaching the body how to be tolerant of movement beyond what we see in the weight room.


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