Tuesday 20 August 2019

That First Step

Whether it's pain, diet, or general health, people are constantly seeking solutions for improvement.

Unfortunately, the world is full of trolls spouting the whole, "Just do it!" approach.

Which is know, as a fact, is a flawed philosophy.

It's a sad reality; even among the educated professionals that serve the public are individuals who are telling patients and clients that improvement is a flicked-switch away. There's an implied expectation that an individual can change every required habit in a matter of weeks.

Have you been anywhere outside a gym lately? You would know that it's easier said than done.

And that is just demeaning. The fact that it's easy (or at least routine) for one person to stay healthy does not, at all, speak to another person's lifestyle.

As pain and injury professionals, we want our clients to feel comfortable that visiting us will not result in a guilt-trip on your habits or an expectation that you need to change overnight.

Rather, all we need from you is that first step to come and ask for help. As mindful professionals, it's not our job to judge OR to dictate. We work for you,  so it's not our job to simply write the manual for you and hope you'll follow it. It's our job to assist you with mapping your own game plan with as small of steps as required.


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