Tuesday 4 April 2017

Running Posts That You Should Read

It's spring running season! Track and field leagues are getting off the ground, recreational runners are back on the trails, and city 10K's and marathons will soon be hitting the streets.

To mark this time of year, I'm taking this week to compile together my posts to date on running training and health. If you're gearing up for training, competition, or just beginning to run again for your health, take your time with these reads.

And pull off the 'photogenic runner' like a boss!

5 Weight Training Tips for the Distance Runner

School cross country team? Running your first 10K at the end of the month? Here's a few training tips to optimize your prep time and avoid injury from the pavement-pounding.

6 Weight Training Tips for Sprinters

Is sprinting on the track more your forte? There's a lot of crossover between the training for long and short distances, but there are definitely some key differences to consider in order to maximize your performance.

Core Stability and Hip Hyperextension

Lower back pain is a common issue among runners of all ages and sizes. This is partially due to a neglect of core stability through one specific range of motion.

Your Tight Hip Flexors and You

Tight hip flexors are another common ailment of the runner, as well as a variety of other athletes. Stretching may not be the thing to help you, however.

The Shin Splints Troubleshooter

The all-dreaded shin-splints. Here's a general troubleshooter to help you find some relief and get back to the trails.

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