Tuesday 10 October 2017

Let's Talk Mental Health

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day.

It's my job, as an Athletic Therapist, to take care of the physical side of health, but through that, I run into the overlapping cases of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-confidence issues, and more. Often, my clients trust me enough to open up to me, and hopefully we, as a society can continue to do so more and more.

Below is a quick compilation of mental health and psychology-related posts that I've written in relation to my Athletic Therapy work as well as sport and fitness in general.

I didn't write on the mental health aspect of addiction, but with addiction being a mental illness itself, I'm including this post to talk about the benefit of active rehab measures in order to avoid these negative outcomes.

A passionate article I wrote about the importance that I discovered when it comes to building confidence and ability in youth for the benefit of their mental health in future years.

I discuss the importance of careful language when treating clients. When reeling from the mental distress of an acute or chronic injury, it's vital to not cascade the issue with poor word choices.

Discussing some of the mental health changes that occur when it comes to chronic pain that may impede the recovery process.

Fatigue of the CNS can easily result in detrimental changes to the physical body. What's more, we are finding more and more than mental illness, among other things, can propagate this central fatigue, highlighting the importance of mental health for the sake of the physical.

Again, I talk on another factor that mental illness can affect. While pain tolerance can be affected by mental health, we cannot consider these effects to be all "in your head".

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