Sunday 15 October 2017

Happy World Spine Day

October 16 is World Spine Day! Today, organizations and people, worldwide, join together to raise awareness of spinal health and illness.

Listed below is a compilation of back health-related articles written both by myself as well as outside sources. They're all very informative and easy to read, so please take a look and empower yourself with some knowledge!

Cain Exercise Rehab Posts

One of my earliest posts outlining the basic functions of the core as an "anti-movement" system and the reason why the medical community is vigourously recommending against sit-ups.

It's common for weightlifters to fit their ab workout at the tail-end of the session following training another area. However, here's my reasoning on why it's beneficial - for the long-term and for the workout - to do a few sets of core exercises before the rest of the workout instead.

A short article (with video) on how to train your core to stabilize during the much-neglected range of hip-extension for when you walk or run.

Weight lifting belts are a crucial element for weightlifters who are pushing those heavy one-rep maxes or doing fatigue-sets. However, what happens when a person becomes over-reliant on the support?

Traction is an extremely popular alternative treatment for back pain, but here's a short discussion on whether or not there are sound benefits for the long term.

Planks are what the media is currently pumping out as the solution for spinal health and tight abs. However, this is more out of the simplicity of the exercise for the purpose of quick explanation. In reality, planks are only going to get you so far.

This may be one of the most important articles to read! If you have had imaging that revealed degeneration or other concerning problems in your back, click this link!


External Sources

You've probably seen some variation of this headline in the past. However, rather than fear-mongering for likes, this writer dug up the research debunking the claims of "text neck".

Dr. Stuart McGill discusses many popular forms of back pain treatment and why they're likely ineffective - or even counterproductive! Don't worry, he also gives solutions to the problem.

An investigative journalist scours the research to come to her own conclusions on what is actually proven to be beneficial for the spine and what is not.

Spinal fusion is still commonly prescribed by doctors much too early in the process of finding a solution for back pain. More often than not, it only results in more problems down the road.

One more article from Stuart McGill as he debunks the most common back pain myths and offers helpful alternatives to address your pain and injuries.

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