Tuesday 7 November 2017

The Advantage Of Active Rehab

In the wake of hiked ICBC rates due to an uncontrollable flood of payouts as well as an audit into unethical professional fees to do with claims, it has been a thought of mine recently that there is something not quite working with an insurance system that should be easily covering its costs due to the nature of what it is.

Now, there are many directions to point the blame. One of the articles above discusses how much autobody shops are milking the insurance company with hiked rates, and I'm sure there are therapy clinics who aren't much better in terms of ethics. There's the increase in legal fees as well, due to ICBC's fight against offering higher and fairer initial settlements. We won't even get into the political discussion of what role certain provincial parties may have played in creating this mess.

Whatever the reason, I'm mostly concerned with solutions to the problem. One way that I can see it - one that would save much in terms of time and money on the side of both the insurance companies, the legal teams, and the clients - is the shift towards more active approaches to injury rehab.

I don't often feel the need to talk about the importance of exercise for recovery since, to myself, it's a no-brainer. However, I remind myself that the world we live in isn't necessarily one that's focused on exercise and movement the same way that an Athletic Therapist is. But I digress...

It's easy to find evidence for my case. Studies are easily comparing the difference between active rehab (which includes movement and exercise prescription) to passive rehab (which is treatment-centered only) and consistently shows an improvement in client-condition and function when you get people moving.

The implications of this are easy to figure out. With more control of recovery being given to clients - by way of prescribed home exercises - the result is more-optimal recovery through means of fewer appointments and thus, less money! 

So while saving ICBC from paying a few less $70 appointments isn't quite comparable to the thousands of dollars that car shops might be milking, if the trend catches on, it can make a difference. And obviously, this doesn't solely apply for motor vehicle injury claims; individuals paying out of pocket for their recovery would of course appreciate paying a little less.

The advantage is clear. Exercise rehabilitation is the way to go!


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