Tuesday 21 November 2017

Stable Shoulders (At All Angles)

I've already spoken at length in the past of the importance of keeping your shoulder stabilizers healthy and methods of doing so. We're being neglectful if we think that simply working the delts, pecs, bi's and tri's are all that are needed. However, while you shouldn't simply isolate the large muscles, doing similar isolation of the smaller ones as well are typically not going to be enough to keep your shoulder optimally functional either.

A common training/maintenance error I see is, while many people are mindful when it comes to warming up and strengthening their stabilizers, there's a tendency to still remain in isolated ranges of motion. For instance, even if you're exercising your rotator cuff muscles on the daily, like so...

...is that properly teaching those muscles to be stable and functional in movements like this...

...or this?

Your shoulder doesn't remain in a lowered position with your elbow at your side, so why would you restrict your stability training to that one range? Individuals who need to recover from injury, train for performance, or even just maintain function for every day life need to be hitting their stability work from multiple angles from the shoulder being down at your side to being overhead.

The shoulder is a highly-mobile, multi-angle joint. If you have a range of motion available, make sure the musculature is conditioned to be supportive in each of those angles. You want to be able to keep using those things.

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