Wednesday 29 November 2017

Breaking Down the Buzzwords - 6 Blog Topics to Read

Buzzwords are every media-mogul's bread and butter. Need proof? Just look at how quickly everyone and their grandma eats up any news article with "Trump" in the headline.

Ok, enough about politics. I'm supposed to be writing about things that are healthy for you. (Ok, last one, I'm sorry!)

I came so close to posting a Trump meme as well, but I
stopped myself and went with a funny cat photo instead!
Your welcome.

Just like the nutrition and diet enterprises thrive off buzzwords such as "gluten", "cleanse", and "clean-eating", so does the healthcare and fitness realm have its own shortlist, at any given time, of words and phrases meant to strike a chord and turn the population into click-hungry internet trolls.

Pictured: A troll

Obviously, these trending topics make for easy game when it comes to looking for new blogging jumping points, so here's a collection of posts from the past couple years that break down each buzzword, both for better and for worse.


"Myofascial release" is the new thing to do to get your body feeling great! Right? Well, it seems like many fitness enthusiasts are treating fascia like it's an evil entity that needs to be utterly destroyed. (Spoiler: It's not!)

Functional Training

Functional training is where "fitness is headed", by the sounds of it. Enough of isolated movements! Give me more squats on a BOSU! Let's stop and ask ourselves, though, where does "functional" begin and where does it end?


Ok, so maybe Kinesio tape isn't quite in the headlines the same way as it was for the couple years after London 2012. However, it still seemed worth it to revisit my own, quick, review on the application.


The fitness industry seems to be preaching about proper joint mobility these days. Is there a benefit behind greater mobility? Is any amount too much? Is a conservative approach better? Lastly, what else, besides mobility, needs to be considered?


Forward heads and rounded shoulders are being demonized more and more in mainstream media. Is there really anything to be concerned about, though?

Trigger Points

Get that lacrosse ball and grind out those trigger points. Find that painful spot in your shoulder and press into it until it basically dies! Wait, is that right? Is every painful nodule a trigger point, or are our bodies more complicated than that?

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