Tuesday 30 April 2019

Am I Feeling Better?

It's funny how often that my clients, when asked how they're feeling, answer that they feel roughly the same as the last treatment.

I then proceed to interrogate question them on their symptoms, and they suddenly realize what improvements that they've made!

Sometimes, the changes are simply just gradual, so the improvement isn't as apparent. Other times, a person's symptoms had become so day-in-the-life that the client noticed neither the symptom anymore nor the progress.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you're unsure if your rehab is working.

Is my pain less severe, less frequent, or both?

Many people, habitually, focus on only severity or frequency of their pain, but not always both. It sometimes is worth taking a moment to simply question both of those factors next to each other to remind you that things are getting better.

Is my pain the same but while I'm doing increased work/activities?

This one is humerous. A client will tell me that their pain is still a 7/10....however, they did an hour hike instead of a half hour walk. I think we can put the math together on this one.

Is the pain the same but require more activity to trigger it?

Similar to the last point, but a bit different. Sometimes, people have pain that isn't a gradual buildup, but rather a quick trigger for a flare up. But often, it's easy to miss that the trigger is getting harder to pull, with more work or activity being required before that flare up occurs.

Is my life being affected less by pain?

And finally, pain is sometimes directly affecting very specific aspects of our lives, such as sleep, energy, and even diet. It's good to evaluate all of these sorts of areas to see if there's any improvement and indication that pain is dictating your life even a little bit less.


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