Tuesday 16 April 2019

Trust Your Body - The Bridge Between Recovery And Comfort

I had a client who I helped to rehab a dislocated shoulder. We got their shoulder strong again and returned its range of motion, and thereafter we went several months without seeing each other again.

Fast forward, and the client returned for a visit after reaggravating the old injury. Upon an update on the past few months, I found out that this client was still having a lot of hesitation, before that point, when it came to supporting weight through the shoulder with a hand on the floor.

To me, this highlighted the importance of making sure that rehab was carried forward beyond simply removing the pain and getting strength in each range of motion back.

Rehab is essentially relationship counselling between the brain and body.

This comes back to what I've talked about before regarding helping clients through avoidance habits. When the hesitation and lack of trust regarding certain movements is too great, it's easy to avoid anything resembling that movement to the point that we see a weakening in that joint's function again.

And with that lack of specific activity, the more likely it becomes to re-injure that joint as soon as you do anything resembling that activity again.

For this reason, as a client, we always recommend perseverance in the rehab program beyond the point where there's simply no more pain. As we return the strength and range of a joint, we then turn the exercise plan into something practical and reflecting the demands of your life and any physical activities that you do.

What's more, the sooner we can start the rehab process, the fewer avoidance habits you'll develop and the more easily we can transition to your life-specific reconditioning.

Rehab is essentially relationship counselling between the brain and body. Being strong is great, but if you can't build trust that your body can perform again, the chances are that it will struggle to ever do so.


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