Tuesday 9 April 2019

3 Ways To Incorporate Your Rehab Into Your Day

We all live busy lives, which can sometimes make following a recovery plan difficult. With that said, it can be very frustrating to be handed a list of exercises by a therapist with orders to do them every day, unconditionally.

As we know, it's just not realistic for many people to simply create a block of time during the day. As well, motivation and energy, fairly enough, may not be in great supply first thing in the morning or at the end of the night.

Some kind of commitment and regularity is needed when it comes to exercise rehab, however, and simply planning to exercise in front of the TV just never seems to work.

So what are some ways that we can work our exercise routines into our daily life without having to feel like we're punishing ourselves or sacrificing other aspects of our day?

1) Pick A Consistently-Free Time

Maybe you find yourself with 15 minutes to relax between finishing breakfast and leaving for work. Maybe it's directly after getting home, before cooking dinner. Perhaps you have a second wind after dinner, and can set aside a moment before hitting the couch and catching up on Big Bang Theory.

It's a common fact that regularity with a time of day to exercise is the best method of making it a long-term habit. IF you have the time during your day or evening that you know you'll always (or nearly-enough) have available, then it becomes easier to make it a rule to yourself to do your exercises then.

2) Warm Up Before Activity

This is an easy one if you're someone who has a workout routine or sport that you stick to on a regular basis. However, it can apply to you if you have a dog that you take to the park, like to go for bike rides, or enjoy any other physical work and activity, such as gardening.

Using your rehab plan as a warm up before any other physical activity that you do, whether it's a traditional workout or simply a walk in the park, is not only a great way to make your exercise a habit. It's also excellent for getting your body accustomed to new ways of moving that the rehab plan is meant to achieve.

Now it's a treat for both of you!

3) Breaks

We all (hopefully) have breaks during our work days that allow us to decompress and take a moment to ourselves. If so, this provides one more opportunity to create an exercise habit.

It stands to reason that work tasks are a common cause of individuals' pain, and so taking routine breaks from those duties to relax and move around is both efficient and a great way to relieve some pain or discomfort while on shift. While not realistic for every single type of workplace, if there's a chance for you to take a corner, or even just stand up at your desk, to perform even part of your rehab plan, then take it.


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