Tuesday 16 July 2019

Does Age Equal Pain?

"I'm just getting old."

You or someone that you may know may very well be using these words to justify their pain and discomfort. It's just the understanding in our society that as our bodies start to age, they will, inevitably, begin to hurt more.

Is this true, though? Does it have to be that way?

Stats Canada findings show that, indeed, increased age correlates closely with increases in chronic pain.

However, it is at a younger age, a broad range between 12-41, that persistent pain is found to onset in the most-significant rates. This suggests to us that older age isn't the cause of chronic pain, but rather habits that we do when we're younger.

Interestingly, some studies that track chronic pain in aging populations have often shown a steady increase in pain rates up to the age of around 60, followed by a mild but steady decrease thereafter. With that retirement age marking a downward trend in some cases, it seems like we could reasonably name workplace habits and stress as a primary pain trigger; not age itself.

Some jobs are more hazardous than others.

In summary, it's very easy to simply blame age on our pain, but it's our lifestyle factors that surround us as we age that are at greater work. With no one coming up with a way to reverse the aging process any time soon, we need to look at other places to intervene in people's discomfort.

The prime focus should be to focus on prevention during the career years in order to minimize the impact of poor habits and prevent pain onset in the first place. Failing that, what we can show is that the older age is a great time to reverse what those habits may have done over the years.

It's not hopeless. In fact, there's opportunity at every age to do something to make the body feel better.


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