Tuesday 9 July 2019

National Injury Prevention Day

This past Friday was National Injury Prevention Day!

We compiled a small collection of our past blog posts on the topic of preventing injury for your interest. We hope you enjoy and have a great, injury-free week!

Growth Spurts and Injury

Hey, parents! Do you remember how awkward puberty was? Do you also remember all of the drastic ways your bodies changed around that time?

The sudden increase in limb length and its effect on motor control can often create an increased risk of injury in teens; especially for those involved in sport? But that shouldn't be a fear-mongering fact, as there are things that can be done to subvert it!

Is There A Case Against Stretching?

One of our favourite past posts! We redid the research on static stretching and its use for preventing injury, and you may be surprised!

See Ya Later, Functional Training!

"Functional training" is a buzzword in fitness these days. Let's recall that "functional" should be referring to its applicability to our daily life and habits. Remember this next time you think that standing on a BOSU ball is going to prevent back pain at the construction site.

The Sixth Sense You Need For Injury Prevention

Have you ever been hiking and nearly rolled your ankle, only for your body to notice and catch it in time to jerk back and prevent the sprain?

You just utilized proprioception, your sixth sense referring to joint awareness that is absolutely vital for injury rehab AND prevention!


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