Tuesday 23 July 2019

International Self-Care Day

Today, July 24, is International Self-Care Day. It's a day for raising awareness of programs and habits that can promote a healthy, happy lifestyle.

In regards to today, here are some tips for making sure that your body remains healthy, your pain stays controlled, and your energy is always positive.


We all know that we need to get plenty of sleep. It's surprising, however,  how underrated and unacknowledged a good night's rest still remains, with a large number of Canadians still either under-sleeping or experiencing poor sleep quality.

In a world where we constantly seek therapeutic or nutritional fixes for illnesses, energy deficiencies, or mental performances, we need to remember the benefit of actually going to bed early (when permitted) and sleeping through the night.

Oh, and did you know that a lack of sleep can correlate to an increase in your persistent pain?


Speaking on pain again, let's recall that high stress and cortisol levels have a direct effect on how our nervous systems sense and tolerate pain. But again, we all know that high levels of stress are going to have negative effects on us, but deliberate methods of stress-relief are often left unsought-after.

When it comes to relieving stress, simply going home to put your feet up is not always sufficient enough. Whether it's exercise, meditation, or professional services to help unload mental distress and lighten your burden, those deliberate measures are often a necessity to allow you to live well.

Listen To Your Body

Very often, persistent pain conditions that last for years start as minor pains or discomforts that we don't give much thought to.

Whether it's something with a gradual onset, like a sore back, or something acute like a torn muscle, we want to make sure that we're treating ourselves right to properly recover from this minor occurrences before they become big. Otherwise, it's easy to become used to pain as it becomes greater, normalize it, create avoidance habits, and eventually have a significant problem on your hands.

So whether you've noticed your neck pain starting to spread, your fingers or hands gradually becoming more sore at work or just sprained and ankle, it's always best to jump on those situations sooner than later.


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